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TEST BANK for C How to Program 9th Edition Deitel


Test Bank for C How to Program, 9th Edition, Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel, ISBN-13: 9780137454372


TEST BANK for C How to Program 9th Edition Deitel

C How to Program, 9th Edition, Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel, ISBN-13: 9780137454372 | TEST BANK

Table of Contents

PART 1: (Introductory) Programming Fundamentals Quickstart
Introduction to Computers and C: Test-Driving Microsoft Visual Studio, Apple Xcode, GNU gcc, and GNU gcc in a Docker container
Intro to C Programming: Input, Output, Types, Arithmetic, Decision Making
Structured Program Development: Algorithmic Development, Problem Solving, if, if/else, while
Program Control: for, do/while, switch, break, continue, Logical Operators
Functions: Custom Functions, Simulation, Random-Number Generation, Enumerations, Function Call and Return Mechanism, Recursion, Recursive Factorial, Recursive Fibonacci
PART 2: (Intermediate) Arrays, Pointers, and Strings
Arrays: One- and Two-Dimensional Arrays, Passing Arrays to Functions, Searching, Sorting
Pointers: Pointers operators & and •, Pass-By-Value vs. Pass-By-Reference, Array and Pointer Relationship
Characters and Strings: C Standard Library String- and Character-Processing Functions
PART 3: (Intermediate) Formatted Input/Output, Structures, and File Processing
Formatted Input/Output: scanf and printf formatting
Structures, Unions, Bit Manipulation and Enumerations: Creating Custom Types with structs and unions, Bitwise Operators, Named Constants
File Processing: Streams, Text and Binary Files, CSV Files, Sequential and Random-Access Files
PART 4: (Advanced) Algorithms and Data Structures
Data Structures: Dynamic Memory Allocation and Deallocation, Lists, Stacks, Queues, Binary Trees
Computer-Science Thinking: Sorting Algorithms and Big O Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Merge Sort, Additional Algorithms including Quicksort in the Exercises
PART 5: (Advanced) Preprocessor and Other Topics
Preprocessor: #include, Conditional Compilation, Macros with Arguments, Assertions
Other Topics: Variable-Length Argument Lists, Command-line Arguments, Multiple-Source-Pile Programs, extern, exit/atexit, calloc/realloc, goto, Numeric Literal Suffixes, Signal Handling
Operator Precedence Chart
ASCII Character Set
Number Systems
Multithreading/Multicore and other C18/C11/C99 Topics
Intro to Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Online Appendices
F-H. Using the Visual Studio Debugger, Using the GNU gdb Debugger, and Using the Xcode Debugger
Case Studies
System Programming Case Studies
Systems Software: Building Your Own Computer
Systems Software: Building Your Own Compiler
Embedded Systems Programming: Robotics with the Webots Simulator
Performance with Multithreading and Multicore Systems
Applications Programming Case Studies
Random-Number Simulation: Building a Casino Game
Random-Number Simulation: Card Shuffling and Dealing
Random-Number Simulation: The Tortoise and the Hare Race
Intro to Data Science: Survey Data Analysis
Direct-Access File Processing: Transaction-Processing System
Visualizing a Sorting Algorithm: Merge Sort
Artificial Intelligence/Data Science: NLP: Who Wrote Shakespeare’s Works?
Artificial Intelligence/Data Science: Machine Learning with the GNU Scientific Library
Game Programming: SpotOn Game with the raylib Library
Game Programming: Cannon Game with the raylib Library
Security and Cryptography: Implementing a Vigenère Cipher
Visualization with gnuplot: Law of Large Numbers Animation
Web Services and the Cloud: libcurl and OpenWeatherMap